A Smart Take on Fahrenheit 451

Those of you who know me or who follow my blog are well aware of how much I like Ray Bradbury’s classic science fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451.

How cool was it then, to discover this new take on the novel, a thoughtful cartoon that does a fabulous job of exploring Fahrenheit 451’s ideas and themes in a very accessible way. Link the entire cartoon below; it’s concise and well-crafted.


Click here to watch the full video.

I was also interested to learn that this is part of a larger effort, by Academic Earth, a creative, scholarly group that is working on new ways to incorporate video into college curricula. I wish them luck!

About Armand Inezian

Armand Inezian is a grant administrator by day, and a writer by night! VampCon- a dark, fantasy thriller- is his first novel. He resides in Boston with his wife, two children, three cats, and one house that needs a lot of work.
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