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A Smart Take on Fahrenheit 451

Those of you who know me or who follow my blog are well aware of how much I like Ray Bradbury’s classic science fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451. How cool was it then, to discover this new take on the novel, … Continue reading

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Discovering What Kind of Writer I’m Not

So here’s the fast version: I am not working on the sequel to VampCon. I am working on a new book. This came as quite a surprise to me. Why? Because the whole time I was writing VampCon, I was … Continue reading

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Amazing Writing From Ray Bradbury

I’m rereading Fahrenheit 451 and am once again reminded of Bradbury’s poetic stride when it comes to language. Here’s a great passage in which our protagonist, Guy Montag, realizes just how messed up his wife, Mildred, is, as he recalls … Continue reading

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Conventional Attitudes- what I learned about promoting my book at Rhode Island Comic Con

Only have a minute? Here’s the quicky version: Indie sci-fi and fantasy authors can have a great time selling at comic book¬†conventions- if you are willing to have the right attitude, including: 1- Regarding comic cons as a unique opportunity. … Continue reading

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The Novelist’s Toast… raise your cup

  I’m a working stiff like everyone else, but it’s okay to be happy anyway. There are no shortcuts for me, but sometimes I get lucky anyway. No one can give or take my self-esteem. Perseverance is not as much … Continue reading

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“One Book” – Another Tip For Retaining Creative Sanity

It’s no secret that I have my share of anxieties and hang-ups when it comes to writing. I’ve blogged about it before here and here. But one advantage of having an occasionally difficult relationship with wordcraft is that- every so … Continue reading

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Finding Writing Happiness by Parsing the Hell Out of the Definition of Success.

There have been various times in the past when I thought that writing was making me unhappy. During these episodes, just thinking about writing could leave me bitter, frustrated, and angry. I would suffer flares of jealousy, and regret along … Continue reading

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snippets: the internalized dialogue of clumsy, weird, yet unavoidable anger

When I am reading, I am often on the lookout for flourishes, devices, or just ways of writing that work very well. Currently, I’m reading Swamplandia! By Karen Russell, and I was pretty excited to run across a short passage … Continue reading

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Thinking About Agent Queries: The lottery!

In a hurry? Here’s the fast version: Hey! Submitting my novel, VampCon, to agents kind of sucks. But I do it anyway because it’s the only way to get published by a big press, it makes me stronger, it forces … Continue reading

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