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Amazing Writing From Ray Bradbury

I’m rereading Fahrenheit 451 and am once again reminded of Bradbury’s poetic stride when it comes to language. Here’s a great passage in which our protagonist, Guy Montag, realizes just how messed up his wife, Mildred, is, as he recalls … Continue reading

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Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher: A Review

The bottom line: Fun and punchy writing gets together with superheroes and a dynamic (if not somewhat stretchy) plot to produce some spectacular (and I don’t use the word loosely) scenarios, but unfortunately lacking depth in certain key areas. If … Continue reading

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7 Interesting Facts About the Original Novel of Dracula

Dracula may not have been the first vampire story, but it blended elements of myth, legend, drama, horror and romance (and a distinctly British perspective) to create the modern vampire novel. Interestingly, however, many people have not actually read the … Continue reading

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