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BloodWise on WattPad

I recently stumbled onto Wattpad via a short article placed in Amazon’s CreateSpace. Wattpad is a fairly clever idea. Basically, it’s social app for writers, where you can post one chapter of any book project at a time. These chapters … Continue reading

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Philosophy: The Vanities-That “Clever” Guy in My Head

There’s a little man inside my head who is constantly going on and on, describing one great idea after another. He’s the ultimate salesman, trying to sell me on the idea that I can succeed without hard work, that if … Continue reading

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The Freequel: BloodWise

In anticipation of the eventual release (in one form or another!) of VampCon, I’ve been working on a small promotional idea, a free prequel (aka “the freequel”) which is a small novella featuring some of the characters from VampCon in their own … Continue reading

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Swamped !

A review of Swamplandia! by Karen Russell If this book were a drink it would be a crazy concoction, a witches brew that is flamingo pink on top and fizzy green on the bottom, served in a martini glass and spewing foggy … Continue reading

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snippets: the internalized dialogue of clumsy, weird, yet unavoidable anger

When I am reading, I am often on the lookout for flourishes, devices, or just ways of writing that work very well. Currently, I’m reading Swamplandia! By Karen Russell, and I was pretty excited to run across a short passage … Continue reading

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Retro-Review: A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

Retro Review: A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle (aka: Shelock Holmes #1)- a novella. If this book were a drink, it would be whisky and water, and lots and lots of blood. How to dress for this book: Jacket, … Continue reading

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