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Boston: Where the streets are paved with paperback books!

A lot of people I know have mixed feelings about my home town, but one thing that’s undeniable about Boston is that it hosts tens of thousands of academic types, from undergrads, to professors, to grad students, to visiting artists, … Continue reading

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Finding Writing Happiness by Parsing the Hell Out of the Definition of Success.

There have been various times in the past when I thought that writing was making me unhappy. During these episodes, just thinking about writing could leave me bitter, frustrated, and angry. I would suffer flares of jealousy, and regret along … Continue reading

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The Last Sunset on BBC Scotland

Fellow Greyhart Press author, Bob Atkinson’s time-travel adventure, The Last Sunset, recently earned prominent mention by BBC Scotland. Check out the article in which Atkinson reveals how his work was influenced by the stark landscape of the Scottish Highlands.

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75 Free Advance Copies of VampCon on LibraryThing. (Deadline Aug 27)

*The deadline for this is August 27- Greyhart Press is giving away 75 eBook copies of VampCon to LibraryThing users only, through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program! In order to be eligible, you must sign up for a LibraryThing account, … Continue reading

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The Advance Copies Are Here!

Advance copies of VampCon were sent out! Our beta-readers are giving us valuable feedback and catching typos! We aim to have the final version out in mid-to-late September. Hurray!

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Six titles to check out* Indy Reading List- 2012 *

On my post yesterday, I argued that writers who are published by small presses or who are self-published (or both) owe it to¬†themselves¬†to support their colleagues. This applies to me as well, and as a follow up, here is my … Continue reading

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Do indy and small press writers have a moral obligation to support their own kind?

Lately I’ve been spending a bit of time on Wattpad, and if you haven’t heard of Wattpad, it’s an interesting idea: a social network for writers of all skill levels. You can post stories in progress there, get comments and … Continue reading

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City of Thieves

Reading City of Thieves is a bit like getting to know a brilliant drunkard, someone who has poetry at their fingertips and who has experienced sorrow, and euphoria, and who has a passion for life, but also someone who is … Continue reading

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97 Agents That Accept Fantasy Submissions

This may be helpful to a few writers out there. After I finished VampCon, I spent from August 2011 until April 2012 methodically querying any agencies that would look at fantasy. Alas, it did not work out, so I began … Continue reading

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The Official Cover Sketch!

Well you’ve seen the rough thumbnails, the first alternative, and second alternative covers, and now here is the finalist, which- I think- really highlights the cover artist’s skill at portraying faces (The sober-looking dude below is VampCon’s protagonist, Jonathan Stoker) … Continue reading

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