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Quotable Melville

  Herman Melville, on the Sisyphean task of novel writing: “….God keep me from ever completing anything. This whole book is but a draught- nay, but a draught of a draught. Oh, Time, Strength, Cash and Patience!” – Melville, Moby … Continue reading

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The Blank Slate Theory. Or: Why vampires and near human monsters are so damn interesting

Before I sold VampCon to Greyhart Press, I had already approached a ┬ánumber of literary agents about the novel. A few of them really liked the story, but felt that they could not represent VampCon because the big publishing houses … Continue reading

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Amazing Writing From Ray Bradbury

I’m rereading Fahrenheit 451 and am once again reminded of Bradbury’s poetic stride when it comes to language. Here’s a great passage in which our protagonist, Guy Montag, realizes just how messed up his wife, Mildred, is, as he recalls … Continue reading

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Finding Writing Happiness by Parsing the Hell Out of the Definition of Success.

There have been various times in the past when I thought that writing was making me unhappy. During these episodes, just thinking about writing could leave me bitter, frustrated, and angry. I would suffer flares of jealousy, and regret along … Continue reading

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The Advance Copies Are Here!

Advance copies of VampCon were sent out! Our beta-readers are giving us valuable feedback and catching typos! We aim to have the final version out in mid-to-late September. Hurray!

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Do indy and small press writers have a moral obligation to support their own kind?

Lately I’ve been spending a bit of time on Wattpad, and if you haven’t heard of Wattpad, it’s an interesting idea: a social network for writers of all skill levels. You can post stories in progress there, get comments and … Continue reading

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97 Agents That Accept Fantasy Submissions

This may be helpful to a few writers out there. After I finished VampCon, I spent from August 2011 until April 2012 methodically querying any agencies that would look at fantasy. Alas, it did not work out, so I began … Continue reading

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I’m thrilled to announce that VampCon, the supernatural conspiracy thriller I started writing in 2008 has found a home with Greyhart Press, an enterprising, independent press in the UK that specializes in speculative fiction! VampCon is slated for US and … Continue reading

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BloodWise on WattPad

I recently stumbled onto Wattpad via a short article placed in Amazon’s CreateSpace. Wattpad is a fairly clever idea. Basically, it’s social app for writers, where you can post one chapter of any book project at a time. These chapters … Continue reading

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