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Treasure of the Last Dragon, Review

The Treasure of the Last Dragon is the latest book by the UK-based scribe and indie-scene publisher Tim Taylor. It was released as part of middle-school-oriented “Repository of the Imagination” imprint (rated for kids age 11-16). The book features four … Continue reading

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“Sins of the Father” (1995)- Graphic Compilation, a Review.

I originally bought Starman as individual comics in the mid-90’s and then purchased them again (in graphic novel format called “Sins of the Father”) around ten years ago, so this actually marks my third reading of this collection (I seem … Continue reading

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A Frenetic Aircraft Carrier of a Novel: Ilium, by Dan Simmons, a Review.

I could probably sit here and write a grad-school length essay about Dan Simmons’ Ilium, an aircraft carrier of a novel if I’ve ever seen one, but in the interest of your time and mine, I’m going to avoid describing … Continue reading

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Parsing The Last Sunset- An interview with Bob Atkinson

After reading Bob Atkinson’s wonderful alt-history novel, The Last Sunset, I felt compelled to interview him in regard to some of the themes surrounding his novel and writing. ** Q: Let’s start with an easy question. Your novel mentions uisge … Continue reading

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The Last Sunset, by Bob Atkinson, a Review:

The Last Sunset is Scottish author Bob Atkinson’s alt-history romance in which the invites us to imagine what might happen if several heroic but ordinary people fall “out of time” and arrive at a historic nexus point with a chance … Continue reading

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A Review of The Clearing by Thomas Rydder

The actual clearing of Thomas Rydder’s novel is the place of battle. A stretch of Pennsylvania backwoods where a group of determined men squares off with a pack of savage, supernatural wolves. It’s a proving ground of sorts that epitomizes … Continue reading

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Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher: A Review

The bottom line: Fun and punchy writing gets together with superheroes and a dynamic (if not somewhat stretchy) plot to produce some spectacular (and I don’t use the word loosely) scenarios, but unfortunately lacking depth in certain key areas. If … Continue reading

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Woks and Swords and Sorcery: Tom Bruno’s “Confessions of a Gourmand, or How to Cook a Dragon” (a review)

Here’s what I love about Tom Bruno’s “Woks and Swords and Sorcery” novel, Confessions of a Gourmand or, How to Cook a Dragon (henceforth called “Confessions…” for brevity’s sake): It defines the promise that can be found in self published … Continue reading

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An Airship Named Desire- Review

An Airship Named Desire by Katherine McIntyre is a solid yarn about First Mate Beatrice (Bea) (I’m not sure we ever get her last name) of the Airship Desire. This is the first steampunk novel I have ever read. It is … Continue reading

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The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross (a review)

  The quicky version! 1. I liked it. 2. It’s really a novella + 1 short story. 3. It pays smart homage to HP Lovecraft and updates the Cthulhu mythos in a creative way.  4. It gets very technical in … Continue reading

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