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On the cost of books.

Last week I spent $60 to purchase a book. Sixty! I got a used version of Doctor Strange Volume 1, part of the Marvel Masterworks series. Not including some very expensive textbooks that I had to buy for college, that’s … Continue reading

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I like the internet but… (One writer’s lament)

This is my problem with the internet: It makes me feel like I should always be thinking up great, new ideas. This what I need: amnesty from having to try to be very clever.

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BAMCon Previews: Fan~thropology with Charles Dunbar.

In Anticipation of BAM-Con, I am pleased to be hosting a interview with BAM-Con spotlight guest, sociocultural-anthropologist and author of “Pilgrimage, Pageantry and Fan Communities”, Charles Dunbar. * Q: For starters, what are you hoping to do/ speak about at … Continue reading

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The Novelist’s Toast… raise your cup

  I’m a working stiff like everyone else, but it’s okay to be happy anyway. There are no shortcuts for me, but sometimes I get lucky anyway. No one can give or take my self-esteem. Perseverance is not as much … Continue reading

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File Under: “Could Do Better” aka: the Big Blue Pacman

Actually, file under: “Could do A LOT better” It all started a few weeks ago when someone in one of my LibraryThing social groups suggested a diversity challenge, specifically challenging us to read science fiction and fantasy works by minority … Continue reading

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The Vanities II: Writing Jealousy

Having already blogged a bit about one of my creative vanities, I now hope to tackle another, namely: writing jealousy. It’s something that I rarely ‘fess up to, but it’s a deep-down emotion that’s been haunting me for years. Whenever, … Continue reading

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Philosophy: The Vanities-That “Clever” Guy in My Head

There’s a little man inside my head who is constantly going on and on, describing one great idea after another. He’s the ultimate salesman, trying to sell me on the idea that I can succeed without hard work, that if … Continue reading

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