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VampCon Final Cover Art

A fine blend of horror elements and comic book style by Jonathan Banchick. Click here to check out the sketch that it was based on. VampCon should be out in a few weeks! Very excited! Advertisements

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Boston: Where the streets are paved with paperback books!

A lot of people I know have mixed feelings about my home town, but one thing that’s undeniable about Boston is that it hosts tens of thousands of academic types, from undergrads, to professors, to grad students, to visiting artists, … Continue reading

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The Advance Copies Are Here!

Advance copies of VampCon were sent out! Our beta-readers are giving us valuable feedback and catching typos! We aim to have the final version out in mid-to-late September. Hurray!

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The Official Cover Sketch!

Well you’ve seen the rough thumbnails, the first alternative, and second alternative covers, and now here is the finalist, which- I think- really highlights the cover artist’s skill at portraying faces (The sober-looking dude below is VampCon’s protagonist, Jonathan Stoker) … Continue reading

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Another Alternate Cover

Here’s another great alt-cover from the mind of Mr. Banchick. While we ultimately did not go with this one, I really like it because it has a comic-book feel and shows a number of VampCon’s main characters.  

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Early Alternate Cover

Here’s one alternate cover that we didn’t go with. It was based on my suggestion of showing Jonathan running in front of two tall office building that play a prominent role in the story. It didn’t quite work out, but … Continue reading

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VampCon Cover- early sketches

Jonathan Banchick is in the process of completing the VampCon cover. Here are some early sketches:

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