Grey DeLisle: Interview with a Voice Actress Extraordinaire!

Grey with the extraordinary  cast of characters that she's voiced.

Grey with the extraordinary cast of characters that she’s voiced.

For my third Granite State Comicon interview, I am starstruck to be hosting the interview with voice actress Grey DeLisle! Grey began her entertainment career as a stand up comic and singer (releasing a number of albums), but has more recently turned her talents to voice acting, with a stunning list of credits. If you or your children watch cartoons, chances are good that you’ve seen (or heard) some of her work in shows like Fairly Odd Parents, Scooby Doo, Handy Manny, and the Penguins of Madagascar. She has also done extensive voice work for major video game releases.

Q: For many of us, the careers of voice actors are a bit of mystery. It’s sort of like trapeze artists or cruise ship captains. Obviously, someone does those jobs, but we often wonder: How did they get there in the first place? Had you planned to work in that field or was it something that came from out-of-the-blue?

GREY: I’ve been doing voices since I could TALK! I started doing stand-up comedy and impressions in high school and someone suggested I try voice overs! I was so happy to learn that being annoying is a JOB!

Q: I was recently at an anime convention where a couple of young adults whom I met said they had an interest in doing voice work. Give us some advice; what’s a reasonable first step in the process?

Grey at work.

Grey at work.

GREY: It all starts with acting! That’s the most important thing! Start doing local theater and hone your character development, etc. If you think you’ve got what it takes, move to LA and make a demo! There’s always room for true talent!

Q: What’s the best or most rewarding part of your work in animation? On the other hand, what’s the most difficult or complex part?

GREY: It’s a great tension release, and I blow off so much steam having fun with my colleagues….there really is no downside!!!


Q: You are also a noted singer-songwriter! By way of introduction, can you provide a link to one song (or maybe a couple) that you would really like everyone to hear? Maybe something that epitomizes your sound and style?

GREY: My sound is so diverse! It’s like asking me to pick one voice that epitomizes my voice career… My very first record is called “The Small Time” and it’s very stripped-down.

It might be good to start in chronological order!

The Small Time
Home Wrecker
The Graceful Ghost
Iron Flowers



Q: As a total aside, your bio on IMDB states that you are a big fan of the Cure. I have to admit a strong fondness for their song “Hanging Garden”. Do you have a favorite tune by them?

GREY: Gosh…I loved them when I was 12!!! I remember hearing “Head on the Door” at our local Tower Records in El Cajon, CA. My best friend, Marisol, and I pooled our money together and shared the 45!

Q: Many people are looking forward to meeting you at the Granite State Comicon. What do you hope to do while in New Hampshire?

GREY: The guy who manages my Facebook page, Anthony Fontaine, has been a friend and fan for more than 10 years but we’ve never met! He lives in Massachusetts so he’s driving out! I can’t wait to buy him a cup of coffee!!!

Q: Will you be available to sign autographs at this convention?

GREY: Of course!!!!! I really love meeting fans and giving them uncomfortably long hugs!

Q: Since it’s a Comicon, I have to ask: Do you have a favorite superhero?

GREY: Catwoman. Meow!!!!

Q: And for bonus points, if you were a supervillain who would you be, and which superhero would defeat you?

GREY: I’d be “On-Time Woman” and “LA Traffic” would be my arch nemesis!!!!


Grey DeLisle will be appearing at at Granite State Comicon which takes place Sep 28-29 in Manchester New Hampshire.


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