BAMCon Previews: Bring on The Jokers: +2 Comedy Crew.

PlusTwoTrioIn Anticipation of BAMCon, I am pleased to be hosting an interview with BAMCon featured guests, the +2 Comedy Trio. +2 Comedy is made up of Noah Houlihan, Will Liam, and Vegas Lancaster . Together they perform stand up that focuses on nerdy topics like Star Wars, D & D, and Comic Books. They will be performing at BAMCon on the weekend of May 10. I managed to connect with Will Liam for this interview.

Q: Well for starters then, what’s the funniest monster in the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual?

Will Liam: Well, it depends on what monster manual you are referring to. I own at least four of them; Although I’ve a had a lot of laughs at the expense of the ArrowHawk, Mimic would have to be the funniest monster of all the D&D games. Nothing is funnier than a treasure chest that turns into a cartoon monster.

Q: You seem like an obvious fan of fantasy and science fiction. What’s your favorite fantasy story?

Will Liam: Besides the obvious being Twilight, Lord of the Rings has a special place in my heart.


Q: And how about comedy? Are there any stand up comics that have inspired you?

Will Liam: Louis C.K. and Christopher Titus, they both take really tragic lives and turn them into very hilarious and philosophical stories.


Q: Speaking of comics, were you at all inspired by Jolly Blackburn’s “Knights of the Dinner Table”?

Will Liam: Not really; though we have heard of it, it’s just wasn’t something we’ve come across in our lives and never had a chance to check it out.


Q: What’s better: tabletop role-playing, video games or LARPs? (and why?)

Will Liam: Tabletop role-playing; It’s a good mix of both larping and video gaming. It has got some of the basic stories and skills that would go into something like Pokemon, and the friendly atmosphere that you would get out of larping, but without all the costumes, and with more dice.


Q: How did you get into stand-up? Was this a career goal or more of a surprise?

Will Liam: It was a complete surprise! I met Noah (Houlihan) in college, he pressured me into doing an open mike night, I really liked it. As with some of my hero comedians, I take experiences from my life, and my life is about being a nerd.


Q: In reviewing your comedy, I noticed a lot of it also has to do with sex, dating and loneliness (as in “not dating”)… is it tricky blending social material with the more nerdcore stuff? Or is that secret to getting laughs?

Will Liam: A lot of it comes from real stories, which lets us really connect with the audience. The more honest we are, the more we connect.  Because usually they (the audience) have had an experience with something like a really bad girlfriend, or thinking that someone meant Avatar the Last Air Bender, but really they meant the Avatar with the blue people. We tend to exaggerate a little bit because most people haven’t dated a three-headed-she-beast that haunts your dreams. If we were in it for laughs, we would just say the obvious jokes on stage, but comedy isn’t about that, its about digger deeper and finding that very subtle thing and turning it into the funniest part.


Q: You do stand-up comedy at conventions. What’s the most rewarding aspect of that?

Will Liam: Getting to be part of the culture, and looking out and seeing people are actually excited about it and loving it. It’s a really awesome feeling to see someone so excited about hearing a joke about their favorite anime, to the point that they are almost jumping up out of their chair or raising their hand.


Q: On the other hand, what’s the hardest part about doing comedy at cons?

Will Liam: Making fun of someone fandom without making fun of the fans. We want to talk about everyone’s fandom to make them all feel included, but we don’t want them to get offended.

Q: If you were a supervillain, what would your power be and who would defeat you?

Will Liam: I’d have the power of being well written and a main character, which would help me defeat Superman.


Q: Complete the following statement: “If I see a ____________ at BAM-Con next month, I will just ___________…”

Will Liam: If I a see a Farscape cosplayer at BAM-Con next month, i will just frelling lose it!


Thanks to Will Liam and +2 Comedy for connecting!

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