Rhode Island Comic Con Photo-Journal

Peddling VampCon while clad in my nifty Fahrenheit 451 t-shirt.

Well everyone, it’s been over a week since I went to Rhode Island Comic Con, and I’m finally (finally!) putting up my very-tardy photo-journal of this fine event! So here goes!

Saturday, November 3, 2012- my day started well before dawn…

I got into Providence before dawn.

I met author Don Franklin (and his son, Sam) at Louie’s diner in the college hill area of Providence for an early breakfast. Don and Sam had driven from Vermont, so they had not slept.


It wasn’t long before illustrator Jonathan Banchick joined us.

ahhh- coffee

I ordered the huge, mighty blueberry pancakes.

After breakfast, the sun finally started rising and it was off to the Rhode Island Convention Center.

The Rhode Island Convention Center @ 1 Sabin Street

The infamous vendor entrance/ loading dock. We wound up carrying heavy boxes for -like- 6 city blocks before we finally found this rear entrance.

The vendor section before everything was set up.

We were booth 416.

Vendors began to put up their wares.

Here I am — doing my stuff!

Jonathan helped spread the word and he was also able to promote his own artwork.

Don Franklin did a great job of selling his Reaper thriller: “Reaper’s Walk: Hellstone”

Publicist Kristina Gehring showed up to help out. She and her husband, Jason, drove straight through from Ohio!

Outside, it was becoming a beautiful fall day in Providence.

A lucky winner of our vampire fangs giveaway!

But it wasn’t all work at RICC. I managed to sneak away and get some fun snapshots.


Cylon! (old school)

Star Wars props!

Back to the Future props!

Blurry, nightmare inducing doctor-monster

Blurry ninja couple (Hey- I’m a writer, not a photographer)

Blurry super-heroes!

And finally, I scored these two cute guys for my kids back at home!

Madknits for my son and daughter.

All-in-all a solid day.! I had a great time, gave away a ton of promotional stuff and even sold some copies of VampCon!

About Armand Inezian

Armand Inezian is a grant administrator by day, and a writer by night! VampCon- a dark, fantasy thriller- is his first novel. He resides in Boston with his wife, two children, three cats, and one house that needs a lot of work.
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