Two days, two readings!

Wednesday October 24 marked the night of the official VampCon release event at the Roslindale Public Library in Boston! I was lucky enough to have my good friend Eric along to take some great photographs.

Oct 24- VampCon Release Event @ The Roslindale Public Library- photos by Eric Sutton.

“The Product”

Reading from VampCon. disclaimer- I don’t look this cool in real life.

Signing books!

Happy customers!

The very next day, I was back on my mini book tour trail with a visit to the Curry College Library in Milton, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, I had to rely on myself to shoot the photos at Curry College, which means that I didn’t get very good ones. Lesson learned, in the future I’m going to have to be more proactive about taking pics at events.

Oct 25- VampCon Reading and Discussion at the Curry College Library- mediocre photos by me!

The college library was kind enough to make a big poster/ flyer for me.

Some students in attendance. It looks empty now, but I actually had about 15 show up.

Some friendly faculty members even showed up!

Both reading went well, and were attended by some old friends as well as some folk whom I’m never met before. I read from chapters 1 and 2, answered some great questions about writing and publishing, and even sold some copies!

About Armand Inezian

Armand Inezian is a grant administrator by day, and a writer by night! VampCon- a dark, fantasy thriller- is his first novel. He resides in Boston with his wife, two children, three cats, and one house that needs a lot of work.
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7 Responses to Two days, two readings!

  1. mary lennon says:

    I am so happy for you, my wish for you is that you sell, sell, sell

  2. timctaylor says:

    Reblogged this on Greyhart Press and commented:
    VampCon author, Armand Inezian, writes up his ‘mini book tour’. Hope you had fun, Armand.

  3. abrach1 says:

    Congratulations, Armand. For sheer originality alone, Vampcon deserves to do well.

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