Six titles to check out* Indy Reading List- 2012 *

On my post yesterday, I argued that writers who are published by small presses or who are self-published (or both) owe it to themselves to support their colleagues.

This applies to me as well, and as a follow up, here is my 2012 list of of indy books:

Currently Reading:

In the Rouge, Part One: Do Mimes Dream of Invisible Sheep?: When I joined Wattpad, I made a promise to myself that I would use it to find new reading material. SJ Forester’s In the Rouge is my first title specifically selected from Wattpad. I’m about 10% into the novel. So far, it’s a blend of Douglas Adams-style absurdism and space drama that focuses on an ordinary guy drafted (aka: forced) into the space marines and paralleled with a plot to overthrow the accountant emperor. Forester plays up a “Hitchhiker’s Guide” style of comic narrative voice. The odd title (I think) is a reference to red-shirts. Self published and available for Kindle at 99 cents.

Looking forward to reading:

Confessions of a Gourmand, or How to Cook a Dragon: I would never even have heard of this novel by Harvard librarian Tom Bruno except through another writer friend. The title alone drew my attention, and I added it to my to-read shelf where it sat for a long time.

Finally, very recently, I went onto Amazon to get a preview of the first few pages.  The first two sentences are: “Anyone can kill a dragon, but who knows how to cook one? First you need to rid the beast of its blood, no small task if it’s a large specimen.” What a great narrative voice! A voice- I’m happy to report- that keeps going at least for the first few pages that I previewed.

It’s sort of dizzying actually, reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson is a weird way. Whereas Thompson was using a hyper-narrative voice to report on drugs and the state of the USA in 1971, Bruno is using a hyper-narrative voice to give us technical information about cooking dragons and the history of his fantasy world.  Self published and available for Kindle at $2.99.

Seven Wonders: Not out yet, but this superhero fantasy by Adam Christopher has been garnering excellent early reader reviews on Goodreads. I like what Angry Robot Press is doing and have been interested in picking up at least one title by them.  Angry Robot Press, print edition available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble for $8.32.

Recently read:

Terminus: A dark blend of space opera and horror by fellow Greyhart author Paul Melhuish. Grisly, ghastly, and over-the-top, Melhuish does a nice job of telling the story of the battle between the ultimate forces of evil and a down-on-his-luck space loser, all the while maintaining a irony-tinged narrative frame. From Greyhart Press, available for Kindle at $2.99

These Hellish Happenings: A slacker vampire is sent to hell which- it turns out- is a lot like working at your local department of motor vehicles. Jennifer Rainey’s novel is a blend of satire and office politics. Not great, and it could use some editorial tightening, but it shows imagination and promise. Self published and available for Kindle at $2.99.

Imperium: Nicholas Olivo’s fan favorite stars Vincent Corinthos, a demi-god, agent of the supernatural, and dude who works in an antique shop. Imperium works the urban fantasy angle with a blend of tongue-in-cheek and keeping its hero in constant danger from multiple parties. Vincent himself is a bit underdeveloped, but this is counterbalanced by a nice sense of plot. Self published and available for Kindle at $3.99.

About Armand Inezian

Armand Inezian is a grant administrator by day, and a writer by night! VampCon- a dark, fantasy thriller- is his first novel. He resides in Boston with his wife, two children, three cats, and one house that needs a lot of work.
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